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EW talks to True Blood's costume designer, Audrey Fisher, about the costumes for Eric, Pam, Sylvie & Ginger in the 3 recent episodes of True Blood.

Episode 7.05, ‘Lost Cause’:

For Eric, (Alexander Skarsgard) she custom-made a traditional Western-style suit: “I had to make at least doubles of it, maybe even triples. I sketched it up. We found a great fabric that we could get enough of, because he’s a tall man—it’s a lot of yardage, more than just the average suit. And a wonderful tailor in Koreatown whipped up these beautiful suits that fit like a glove and have really beautiful Western detailing. We topped it off with not a 10-gallon hat—that would be too comical—but a really beautiful Western hat.”


Again, Fisher had a challenge: “I couldn’t do a totally over-the-top ’80s silhouette in the middle of a vineyard, because that would look comical,” Fisher says. For Eric, her first thought was Armani. “It was Richard Gere in American Gigolo—beautiful linen shirts, worn mostly open,” she says, laughing. “Youthful, tight little ’80s slacks with pleats. I tried to find it at a lesser price point, because of course, True Blood is always on a budget. But, eventually I had to just go for the gusto, and Armani is what he wound up in. It also became a little more complicated because at the last minute, we needed doubles, because he falls down in the dirt, and the dirt was wet, it gets on the knees, and you need to be able to go back to clean.”

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